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Who is responsible for maid SHN accommodation and COVID-19 test cost?

 Employers must bear the full costs and are not allowed to pass on any cost to maid.

Can employer request maid to share a room at the dedicated SHN facility?

 The room sharing request is subject to the availability of twin rooms and whether there

is another worker with the same travel history.

Employer and maid should take note of the risks, including contracting infectious disease such as

COVID-19 from the person she is sharing room with. If any of them tests

positive for COVID-19, their Stay-Home Notice may be extended, which resulted in higher costs.

Who pays for the cost of treatment if a maid get COVID-19?

 Employers are responsible for the full treatment cost if maid develops

COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive when they are serving the Stay-Home Notice.

 Employers are required to purchase insurance before maid arrive in Singapore that has a coverage

of at least S$10,000 medical cost.

 The Singapore Government will pay for COVID-19 treatment cost for maid for locally transmitted cases.

Who should pay for maid COVID-19 vaccination?

 COVID-19 vaccination is free of charge for maids and employers should encourage maids to get vaccination and protect themselves against COVID-19.

 On the day of vaccination, remind maid to bring along her mobile phone with the SMS containing the appointment details to facilitate registration.

Who is responsible if maid suffers from serious adverse reactions

after vaccination?

 Ministry of Health has Vaccine Financial Assistant Programme to support people who

suffer serious adverse events that are assessed to be likely related to COVID-19 vaccines

administered in Singapore.

What can employer do if maid insists of going for her rest day?

Employer should encourage maid to spend their rest day at home during this period and reach for a mutual agreement on rest day arrangements.

  • If maid agrees to spend rest days at home, employer should not assign work to maid on the rest days.

  • If maid agrees to forgo rest days, employers must provide compensation in lieu of the rest days.

  • If maid has errands that needs to attend on rest day, she should be encouraged to take rest day on a weekday, when public spaces are less crowded.

  • Employer should also encourage maid not to gather in public areas when goes out on their rest days.

​Employer Eligibility

What is the minimum income needed to employ a Maid?


 There is no specified amount. It is assessed based on the type of application:

  • For married couples, you can combine your income with your spouse's

  • For the Joint Income Scheme, you can combine the income of family members who are living together

  • For people aged 60 years or older, you can apply under the Sponsorship Scheme

Can a person without income employ a maid?


 Yes, with the following conditions:

  • Singapore citizen or permanent resident who are age 60 and above are able to apply for a maid based on the income of up to 2 sponsors.

  • Sponsors must be family member who are not staying with employer.

  • The employer must not be earn any income or stay with any working adults.

  • The employer must have the mental capacity to understand his/her responsibility as an employer.

Can an Employment Pass or S Pass holder employ a Maid?


 Yes. The applicant needs to provide the following:

  • Passport

  • Work pass or spouse's Long-Term Pass

  • Child's birth certificate or student pass(for Long Term Visit Pass holders)

  • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for the current or previous assessment year

Can a single person employ a Maid?


The applicant will be assessed based on eligibility such as:

  • He/She must be 21 years old and above.

  • He/She cannot be an undischarged bankrupt.

  • He/She must be earning a steady source of income.

What are the requirements to hire a second Maid?


 The applicant needs to have any of these family members living with him/her:

  • At least 2 children below 18 years old.

  • A parent or parent-in-law over 60 years old.

What is the Employers’ Orientation Programme?


 It is a 3-hour programme for employers to understand their role and responsibilities.

 First time employers and existing employers who have employed more than

3 different Maid within a 12-month period must complete the

EOP before they can apply for a Maid.

Waiting Time And Costs​​

What is the waiting time for a Maid to arrive from overseas?

It is between 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on factors such

as the nationality of the Maid, passport status, etc.

What is a Transfer Maid?

 Transfer maid is a Maid who is already in Singapore under

the employment of another employer and is seeking for a new employer.

What are the costs involved in employing a Maid?

The costs are as shown:

  • One-time placement fee charged by the agency for sourcing and bringing in the Maid.

  • Maid’s IPA, security bond, medical, SIP, insurance, work permit application and Covid-19 related cost.

  • Maid’s monthly salary, levy and half yearly medical checkup.

  • Maid's repatriation cost.

What is a security bond?

 Employers are required to place a S$5,000 security bond in th

 form of a banker's guarantee for the Maid he/she wants to employ.

The bond is required by the Government of Singapore.

It is used to ensure that both the employer and Maid comply with the conditions of the Work Permit.

What is SIP?


 The Settling-In-Programme (SIP) is a 1-day orientation programme for first-time FDWs to educate them on safety precautions and living in Singapore.

What is Maid levy and how much is it?


The Maid levy is a pricing mechanism by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore.

Employers of Maid must pay a monthly levy of S$265 or concessionary rate of S$60.

Who qualifies for a levy concession?


Levy concession are available to:

  • Employers living with a citizen child, age 16 years old or below.

  • Employers is a citizen or permanent resident, age 65 years and above.

  • Employers living with a person who requires permanent assistance with ADL.

Are there any grant given to Singapore Citizen or PRs?


 Employers with a family member who requires permanent assistance with 3 or more ADLs, may qualify for a monthly grant of S$120.

( More information is available on the AIC’s Singapore Silver Pages website. )

During Employment​​

What is the number of rest days for Maid?


 The Maid is entitled to a weekly rest day as per MOM guideline.

 If Maid agrees to work on her rest day, the employer must compensate her with 1 day’s salary per off day.*

*To avoid dispute, this agreement should be in writing.

Can employers help to safekeep Maid’s money?

From 1 January 2019, employers are not allowed

to keep Maid’s salary, money, bank card and bank book belonging to her, even if she requests it.

Must employers pay for Maid's salary during training?

Employers must pay for Maid’s salary as long as she is employed by the employer, even when she is sent back to the agency for training.

Who is responsible for Maid's medical expenses?

 The employer is liable to pay the full cost of medical expenses, including hospitalization.


The employer is required by MOM to buy medical

insurance for the Maid, with a minimum cover of S$15,000 for inpatient care and day surgery.

What if the Maid goes missing?

 The following steps should be taken:

  • The employer should try to look for the Maid and inform the employment agency.

  • The employer must file a police report if he/she fails to locate the Maid within 24 hours.

  • The employer will have one month to find and repatriate the Maid*.

  • *Failing to do so will result in the S$5,000 security bond being forfeited.

What if the Maid is pregnant?

 Under MOM’s regulations, FDWs cannot be pregnant or give birth in Singapore.


Employers should repatriate the Maid back to her country of origin as soon as possible*

* Falling to do so will result in the S$5,000 security bond being forfeited.

What if the Maid falls sick or injured herself on her rest day?

Employers must pay for the costs of providing the necessary

medical treatment even if the Maid’s illness or injury occurs on her rest day.

Will the Maid be paid when on overseas leave?


the employer need not do so unless this is provided for in the employment contract.

What if the Maid’s medical expenses exceed the insurance benefit limit?


 Employers are not allowed to make the Maid pay for

her medical expenses. This includes medical expenses that are above what the insurance pays.


Employers are encouraged to buy insurance

with a higher coverage to protect themselves from any excessive medical bills.

Can employers reinstate the Maid’s Work Permit after cancellation?


 Employers can submit requests to MOM and have to

ensure that the Work Permit has not expired and the Maid is still in Singapore.

 If approved, employers need to pay a $35 transaction fee.

The Maid levy will be charged from the date of cancellation.

Do I have to pay for the Maid’s passport renewal?


Employers and Maid should mutually agree on who should pay for the passport renewal.


This should be decided preferably at the start of her employment and stated in the employment contract.

Can I extend the current Maid’s work permit until the new Maid arrives?


Employers have to submit an application 30 days before the work permit expires*.

*The extension will be up to one month.


What is the process for sending a Maid home?


 When the Maid’s contract ends, employers need to buy a direct air ticket

including check-in luggage to the international airport of the Maid’s hometown or nearest to her hometown.

 If transit is required, the employer should give sufficient allowance for Maid to sustain herself during her transit.

Who pays for the air ticket if the Maid is sent home before her contract ends?


Employers are responsible for the cost of sending their Maid home even if the contract has not ended.

What if the Maid missed her flight home and her Work Permit has been cancelled?

 Employers should book the Maid on another flight home

and login to WPOL to extend her special pass and change her departure date.

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